The wind chimes and the branches of the trees listen/

the sun shines and the blades of the grass glisten/

A breeze blows as it cools off sweat that’s drippin/

The seasons change like television/

Series premier, this shows gonna tell a vision/

And the title of it is ‘either go to hell or prison’/

Plot is: that its your decision/

this is your audition/

this life’s unreal like its all fiction




The real world is a pain, like a skin incision/

And with the fame, were infected- this is how were living/

Power division/

seperate but not equal like the state religion/

With good and evil guiding superstition/

All eyes are blinded like the wrong perscription/

Its time to focus  like that Lasik vision/

But the birth of every smitten politician means their level of control has risen/

why do we spread the hate that we are given?/

What is the reason men are raping women?/

Our mission as a citizen of earth should be a given/

incubate a better place for birth to raise kids in./

And now this page is written, like it’s tape hope my statement’s stickin