Saturday and Sunday, these two days comprise the weekend/

The other 5 are work-week days, and they just leave us weakened/

That’s 40 hours plus of labor to get 16 for some freedom/

Disproportioned living life, 3 fifths of which were pleading/

‘I don’t want to go to work today, I just want to sleep in’/

But miss too many days of work and lose the home you sleep in/

Whose the one to speak in tones that we can all believe in?/

The only way to beat the system is if we all start leaving/

We already pay for eating, next they’ll charge for breathing/

As infants teething, we know no better, we just need some teaching/

they say nothing in life is free, well we need some free things/

like healthcare, education, time/ food, and shelter/ peace of mind/

mankind’s at a turning point, we’ve reached the u-turn sign/

the signs that times are changing are reflected in our education/

crimes against our nation are enforced/

but blatant defamation of our source of life, the earth, is torched/

burning oil full of oil for our Porsche’s/

cutting down the forest for our porch’s/

jobs that pay a fortune don’t apply to the unfortunate/

poor girls hypnotized to decline abortion kits/

fornicating babies having babies – its for the kids/