Shop till you drop/ that’s the motto of the pop culture/

spend it if you got it/ and if not/ then you rot/

vultures feeding on the poor/ with no wealth to feed the scores/
of the homeless and the hungry/ liquor stores are abundant/
but the money and the funding aren’t enough to stop the problems that are coming/
try’n solve ’em but were missing pieces of the puzzle/constant struggle to survive/
in this bubble were alive, when it pops we all die/ we can save it if we try/
and i write with my eyes/ so i see through the disguise/ of the guys/
in the suits/ that always telling lies/
cash or credit/ latest gadget gotta get it, I’m in the mood the buy/
Planned obsolescence, always chasing down the high/
A message from Best Buy: gotta buy the best high-definition television/
just to suggest high status in the class system/
run by bureaucrats who pack prisons, for a living/
corporations attaching citizens with marketing tactics – and division/
Rich and poor is the vision.
no middle class in this collision -guns verse fisticuffs/
what’s the mission for these soldiers with Kalashnikovs?
got a bottle and a rocket to be shot/
got a lighter and a pot, it’s getting hot…