Are we all powerless in this system run by cowards with no vow of honesty and no prowess?/

honestly, show me the weakest person in the room and I’ll show you the loudest/
the quiet are the proudest/actions speak louder than words, my hands are calloused/
fits of rage with fists that hold pen tips to pages as I write wit with hopes of making changes/
our time’s the strangest with nameless mimes that are voiceless electing brainless choices/
if the boisterous girls and boys of our loins join forces unlike divorces, we can change courses/
no more driving porches with 300 horse power/ we need more natural energy sources now/
of course the poorest of the poor have a short list of what’s more important to them/
like food, shelter and healthcare/ as our moods welter from abuse and welts and no welfare/

sometimes we may think ‘who the hell cares?’ as we make our way down hell’s stairs