It might not always be perfect/ but what I jot, I always write with a purpose/

with insight in certain verses/ and none in sight in others i’ve rehearsed with/

I migth be white/ but in this world race is worthless/

all our species are endangered/ almost Earthless/

When we gamble on our lives, end up shirtless/

cant handle all these lies, i know it hurts us/

and instead of changing things we just say ‘work sucks’/

and then forget about the worst of the White House/

and the government in general, how they lurk up/

it gets me worked up/

down and in the dirt, underground we gotta work up/

wake up and work out our powers of persuasian/

everybody wants to gain but the rich are misbehaving/

which ones are to blame for this enslavement?/

I dont know but I’m craving for an overthrow/

a revelotion for our growth/

rise above pollution, greed and shooting/

lives are losing, joy of living/

like the true story of Thanksgiving/

when pilgrams took control of friendly indians/

right from the begining/

but we dont fight for our decision to be free, men and women/

we just take what we are given, but the system’s unforgiving/

so sorry about giving children ridalin and radiation poisioning/

turning boys to men so they never play with toys again