The time is now, we’ve been summoned/

bring light to the blind/ deaf and dumbness/

The underground feels pain/ not the numbness/

That takes over your brain and your stomach/

we we’re high on the summit / markets plummet/

Another killer gunman/ more federal funding/

the media is running/ the show/ and we follow

its happening slow /and were not in the know/

so its time that we change it, starting right this second/

listen to the words of the sentence/

representing no religion/ no repentance/

so I’m living in the present/reaping all the presents

I’m starving for the truth/ so I’m eating all the sentiment/

its sediment/ the rock of our foundation/made of presidents

its evident/ corrosion in the house of representatives/

my mouth is representative of those without the evidence/

no words and no voice so you know they never mention it/

there’s a choice to be made with the options that are multiple/

the question is why do we follow what were told to do/

were independent minded yet were run by the government/

staying stuck in debt and the corporations loving it/

the land of the free? More like the land of the glutenous/