The breeze breathes life into limp leaves and branches on trees.
Stillness leaves the scene as soaring birds are seen flapping wings; possibly the cause of the wind.
The air that we breath in blows in any season.
From the seas, to the cities, and back to the seas again.
Did god bless us, or did we just sneeze again?


Random and complex lines of text, from my cerebral cortex, are sketched as an outlet for stress or aggression/

when deep breaths don’t cure my depression, I write rhymes as an obsession with no real direction

read on>


Feeling outa place like skinny jeans on obese geeks/

can’t comply to dress codes with only sweats and sneaks/

stressed from deceit: underground – discreet street sleeper/

digging my own grave, its getting deeper

<read on>


my habits back, my habitats attacked by men/ I’m not an addict but the attic’s where I hide my gin/

an empty bottle’s what the juice is in/ In life I’m lost but I used to win

<read on>


There’s a whole planet of natural resources that should be free/ but were forced into labor just to earn the fee that’s needed for a tea party/even though unlike currency, tea leaves actually do grow on trees <read on>


Arm your brothers and sisters/ alarm all Christian ministers who kiss children and assist in missed innocence/ and tell them that I mean business <read on>



In the cockpit, sky’s the limit, but when I rock it, my boundaries are infinite.

Bound to be an intricate description when I rhyme a bit.

Addicted to the page, withdraw the pen and I kinda itch.

A raging alcoholic in a cage but I find a sip.


the one date that doesn’t equate in my understanding of fate is what day did we change from apes? <read on>


the system that were given’s doomed ,were missing living/ were being groomed to soon be living life in living rooms/ so instead of us, its televisions living in our homes <read on>


don’t act like the Iraqi war will end, were joking – this is just pretend, its hopeless/
 as we pollute the air and oceans, and murder all the whales for lotion/
 we tip the scales, set things in motion, for the end of this commotion <read on>


family trees all lead back to skeletons/ we came from ooze like gelatin/theres always room for more yelling in the hell that we are dwellin in/threw a coin in the wishing well and fell in then I turned into a felon/started stealing what they sell in stores as a form of just rebelling /is it a crime to ring the bell and stop listening to what they’re tellin’ us?/the truth is glistening, the sun illuminates my mission bringing light from fission/what is religion? besides a reason for division, got the Earth divided like prime meridian/infinite wisdom is my idiom/with infant like instinct we become prisoner’s in an instant <read on>


why do we spread the hate that we are given? What is the reason men are raping women? Our mission as a citizen of earth should be a given/ incubate a better place for birth, to raise kids in/ and now this page is written like its tape, hope my statements sticking <read on>


bright and eager students forced to pick professions based on first impressions/ following directions not of their own suggestions, causing stressin/ in the waistband, next to tucked erections, guns are resting <read on>